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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. So for a few years ive been using the WF-7710 and WF-7720 (identical to the 7710 just with a 2nd paper holder). As you probably know, with these printers, they can be made chipless but can also use CISS systems and refillable cartridges with a chip resetter. Now i eventually was considering getting a newer version, with those discontinued, the newest options were 7820 and 7840. My question is, did Epson change the firmware or something to make them incompatible for people who want refillable cartridges? And will these models ever get a solution to solve this? Id also say that i also have a WF- 7210, which is very similar to the 7710 in that i can use refillable cartridges etc. but the newest version of that is the 7310. It seems that might also have updated firmware thats unable to use refillable options. Are all new Epson models like this? Is there any current models that can be made chipless or use refillable cartridges? If so id like to know which models.
  2. I figured out how to do this. And i will post it here in case anyone comes across this issue and gets the same sort of help i received and doesnt know what to do. So you have installed your new Chipless Firmware, and its working great. Ur loving the ink always staying full. But low and behold, no one told u that the Maintenance Box is not affected by the firmware, in fact it is, but in a bad way. The Chipless Firmware stops the printer from letting you replace the maintenance box. On the original firmware, i just had to use a chip resetter when it was nearly at the end of its cycle and put it back in and voila done. But on the chipless firmware that doesnt work. I guess its wise they dont mention this as its not a great sales pitch for the firmware if they tell you that youll have to continously go back to your old firmware to install new maintenance boxes. But anyways here is what i did. 1) Go to Epson website and get the REcovery Firmware for the model, in this case WF-7720. 2) Connect printer to PC via USB. 3) Turn printer off. 4) Enter Recovery Mode by holding 4 + 7 + Job Status + Power button. 5) Open the Recovery Mode Firmware file you downloaded from Epson site. 6) Click Start and wait til the program is done, which you will notice when all the lights start blinking rapidly on the printer. 7) Press the Zero (0) button on the printer to exit Recovery Mode. 8 ) Unplug printer, plug back in and turn on. Now you can reset the maintenance box. Not sure if you can still use the chipless firmware again, but i saved the REcovery Code so i might give it a shot. But im not sure how worth it it will be.
  3. that page, which ive read over twice, doesnt show me anything about how to restore original firmware. It only shows different methods of updating to the chipless firmware, which isnt what i need. I asked for directions on how to go from the chipless version, which im running now and activated, to the original firmware.
  4. I saw this in another thread and wasnt sure if i should start a new one, but here it goes. I installed the chipless firmware about 2 weeks ago and its worked great. But now i need to replace the maintenance box, so i think in the thread i saw that i need to downgrade the firmware to the original and then use my recovery code and reinstall the chipless firmware. My question is, can someone give me a guide or directions on what steps i need to take to do this please? I saved the recovery code but other than that im not sure what to do or how to get the original firmware back. Thanks.
  5. im in kind of a similar situation where i need to reset the maintenance box on my Epson WF-7720 after i already did the chipless firmware and activation a week ago. I still have my REcovery Code, but can someone tell me HOW i use the recovery code to restore it back to the original firmware?
  6. I have a WF-7210 and a WF-7720. I want to get them both to have chipless firmwares but i wanted to make sure of this first. If for some reason the update fails or activation fails, is it possible to go back to the original firmware? If so, how do i do that? Just in case. The reason i ask is, i tried 1 time already a few months ago. I tried to do it with the WF-7210. When it got to the activation stage, it went to like 50% but just would not continue, the bar just stayed there for hours, eventually the guy i talked to at the time said just assume its done and go on. Well it didnt work. So i want to make sure that if i try to do the process again, that if it fails, i can at least go back to the firmware on it now. Thanks.
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