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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  1. 120/5000 I am connected through live chat and nobody responds to me, I need an urgent solution, I always buy here.
  2. Hello, good morning, install the firmware without any problem then buy the key as usual, but when activating with the key it indicates a communication error, in Epson WF-2850 printer, I try to install the key and I get this error, I hope you can solve this impasse, thanks. Attached catch the error.
  3. When I try to download the printer firmware Epson WF-2850 it indicates an error, it cannot be downloaded, it is important that I correct the error in order to download and purchase the keys
  4. 279/5000 Good morning, recently this epson wf 2850 printer model has arrived, which I have not seen key on the page. My query is as follows, if there is any firmware compatible to make this printer model chipless, I await your response, thank you and have an excellent day!
  5. Thanks, everything perfect, I was able to insert the key that was in spam, good morning and fly chipless to the printer!
  6. Activation code error, please, check, I get that error and I just bought the key for this is the second printer that I am returning it without a chip but you cannot enter the key in the previous one and it did not give me problems, I need an urgent solution Ver foto.
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