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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. When I first bought this FW-7710 printer I updated the firmware with the latest Epson firmware (FA12J4). It worked and I printed a few pages. Then one cartridge ran out of ink so I have an ink error. Then I discovered chiplesssolutions.com . I downloaded the chipless firmware (FA99Z9) and the installer utility and using Windows 7-Pro I installed the firmware to the printer. (No special Firmware mode--I just turned on the printer and dismissed the cartridge error and started the firmware utility.) Connected to Win laptop with USB. No queued print jobs. The process stalled at about 85 percent. The printer did nothing for a few minutes then it restarted. The Epson install app kept crawling up to 96 percent. The printer did nothing, just showing the cartridge error. I halted the Epson processes and restarted the Epson. It shows firmware version FA24I5. I repeated the chipless firmware install. Same results. What to do now? Thanks.
  2. I successfully installed the chipless firmware. Checking the printer firmware it is "FA24I5". I purchased a license key. I looked in the "FW7715_FWG535TL..." zip archive; there is no License.exe utility in that archive. I downloaded the zip again just in case I accidentally deleted it. There is no License.exe utility in that archive. What to do now? Thanks.
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