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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. victory. I had no idea there was a second B type USB connection. Thanks for your help and patience.
  2. We're getting close. To eliminate the Wifi, I turned it off on the laptop. Then, I tried the firmware installation and it failed, telling me that either the printer is not connected or the printer is not the target printer. I did not get the name of the printer as I do when the Wifi is on...so the USB connection is the problem. I checked the Epson menus and verified that USB file sharing is on, that's the only menu option about USB that I could find (I checked the user manual). When I plug the printer into the laptop via USB there is no audio "doorbell" sound as is normally the case when a device is connected via USB. It all points to the cable, a brand new one. I will get another one. UPDATE: new cable, no change. If I plug a memory stick into the printer USB port, the printer recognizes it. Both of the connectors on the USB cable I bought are the same type, type A. Usually a type A connect at one end has a type B on the other. Is it possible a turnaround adapter or as we used to call it, a gender bender, is needed? A host-to-host cable like this one: https://www.datapro.net/products/usb-2-0-host-to-host-cable.html?
  3. PM? Do you mean the previous message, John's message? The five things he mentioned have all been checked. I've used two PC's, uninstalled all printers then reinstalled the one I want to use. The USB ports have varied with the PC's. The USB cable is ok because the firmware installed (it's a brand new cable bought for this purpose) and the PC sees the printer at the start of the firmware installation, identifying it for me to choose the printer for the install, so the printer and the PC are talking. Both Win7 and 10 have been tried. Just now I started from power off through to running License.exe and still the same...
  4. I followed your instructions and eliminated all printer devices including the one I want to use, turned off the printer then reinstalled that one by itself on the laptop. The computer is a laptop running Win10 with nothing connected by USB except the printer. Still no go. I took the printer to another computer running Win7 instead of Win10 and tried License.exe there. Same thing, nothing is listed for me to choose from to proceed to the authentication process.
  5. John, thanks for your suggestions. The install does work right to the point where it has the printer shut down and restart, so there's no trouble with the laptop communicating with the printer. The problem is the error because the printer cannot recognize the yellow cartridge. This error was very intermittent weeks ago but is now solid - there is no way I can get the printer to recognize the yellow cartridge, or a replacement yellow cartridge. I'm going to see about getting a replacement printer from Epson as my unit is still under warranty. Then I believe the firmware install will go through to completion.
  6. License.exe will not see the WF-7710. Upon investigation I believe this is because the firmware installation cannot complete due to the error condition of the printer not recognizing the yellow ink cartridge, and that is why I want to install the firmware. I have tried installing a new Epson yellow cartridge and the printer will not recognize this cartridge either. So I am stuck in the situation of an error I can't clear and that error prevents the firmware installation from completing. If the firmware would install, the cartridge recognition would be disabled and there would be no error, but I can't get there from where I am now. When I check the firmware on the printer, it does report the new firmware FA24I5, indicating it was installed, but License.exe does not see the printer. Is there a way to disable the error condition caused by the failure to recognize the yellow cartridge?
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