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  1. I used Noinks key. There was an error and there's nothing to be saved there. If there is I should've saved it because there has been some issues regarding not recovering files! But I continued using the chipless firmware because I thought there is nothing wrong with it not until now that it frustrates me why it don't recognize new maintenance box even though I changed it and I even bought resetter for this! I have also tried resetting the firmware but it just don't work! What else to do about it? It's my primary source of income! And it keeps me at bay for almost a month now!
  2. I wasn't able to save it Is there a way to recover it?
  3. Is there a tutorial to restore original firmware version of my printer Epson WF 5290? Also, where can I see the recovery files? I've had an error upon installation before using NOINKS key but it was smooth that's why I disregarded it, until now it happened.
  4. Hello. I've got the same error. It says "cannot recognize maintenance box". I have already done resetting the maintenance box and all. My printer is WF 5290.
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