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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. have good news . went right back to start, updated printer firmware and downloaded your firmware again, restarted the whole process again, now the printer is working non-chipped. fantastic that thank you for your guidance. best wishes GHOSTSUB.
  2. Serial:X2TK002267 ID Code: fOTEplHpgyPjR4nTq4qaAPcGb8W3Nqsa9uI7u/d96Gj7vX8KC9QqHpguagFP2z6crG3tpVLB Lpl6BiEHnhqcVSuJPlaXZnT7A4kpIXciqPt8jDXkbaFU9vuTU9HrTwCvzZvHTQ9e4yWe4jo4 kxmin+FruzlX5jwA6qaA+37SVWg=
  3. I have used the activation key again with the error code 10092 ,i did purchase the all time use key,so am at a loss to what the problem could be. best wishes .
  4. Due to EPSON firmware update that returned the printer to chipped. Chipless firmware was updated from the web site and loaded back on EPSON Workforce Pro WF-3720 and checked,however when doing recovery.the printer remained chipped as the ink tanks showed their remaining amounts and the ciss when installed came up as not recognized, please help ,best wishes
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