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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. So no possibility of firmware downgrade for this model?
  2. I already tried Firmware downgrade. I've bought a Firmware key and performed the procedure in order to downgrade but it failed. The printer remained stucked with the message IPLH ROM NOT WRITABLE, as I said in another thread in this forum, but nobody answered. THen it passed in Recovery mode as I said before.
  3. Ok, done! Now printer is again in Normal mode, thanks. I cannot yet use not original refillable cartridges, although I have paid and used your firmware key to downgrade. I still get a Printer error message when I switch on the printer with not original cartridges installed. I also checked Chipless solutions, but seems that my printer isn't supported. Any idea?
  4. The procedure can't be done for me: I can open Fix recovery mode menu (third line), then I can select my Epson wf-2510, then push UPDATE and I receive a warning message "Selected firmware: WF-2510 WF-2511 WF-2518 PX-505F. Please, make sure that selected firmware is matched to the printer. Otherwise reset key may be lost. Continue?" I push YES and the utility asks me to buy and insert a new firmware key. I tried inserting the firmware key I paid for, but it doesn't work. I'm stucked!
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