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  1. Greetings to everyone, I have a problem with epson vf 7210, but I tried everything, it does not help, time goes by and I can not do anything, anyway there is an error with number 2, I wrote to the support there but they answer for a very long time, can anyone come across this problem, ALL DONE according to the instructions! The firmware came with an earlier version, but the key did not enter, then error 3, then 2.
  2. good afternoon, the problem is in activating the WF7210
    I stitched it originally SA12J4
    then the key activation stage passed, it gives me an error: Activation recording error - 3, I tried again (it used to happen Activation recording error - 2) but at this stage, error 3
    read the forums, it still does not help. What can you recommend?

    1. Кирилл


      not the first day I am already suffering, before there were no such problems with other models