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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Thanks, so I will need to buy a third key for two printers since one broke?
  2. Thanks for the insight. That explains the problem, I didn’t knew that the patch went through on the first Nov28th since that printer was broken (head burned and fuses as well). Can you take this serial number out? So I can register the replacement?
  3. My 2nd order is 23582719, this one worked without any issues.
  4. Here you go, my order number ends in 288. thanks
  5. Hi, I have two XP15000 printer and bought two keys but only one is working. I ruled out issues with the setup and hardware by replacing everything. The error message says communication error, check cable etc but I used the same setup to successfully license my other printer with the second key. A new USB cable and different PC didn’t work either. thanks P
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