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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. @@wic.support everything went great, I have already exited the printer mode, now the only problem is that when I select the language country, I get an error: Warning The following ink cartridge cannot be recognized, try reinstalling and all CMYK lights are on, what can I do?
  2. Hi. I bought a damaged Epson XP-445 printer (the head ribbon was damaged), after replacing the ribbon I got an error that the fuse was blown, I replaced the fuse, maybe I didn't replace it but I shorted it and the error no longer exists. However, now I get an Ink out Error, which means that the printer cannot read the cartridge. Moreover, the printer is in some 'Printer Mode' and I can't really do anything... The printer is an Epson XP-445
  3. hey, in my Epson printer I accidentally caught the 2x 10 pin cable (from the head) with my hand and broke it, I replaced the ribbon with a new one today and it shows error 033001, and when I remove the ribbon that goes into the basket it shows 033007, I don't know what could be broken, so the reset program shows that the fuse is blown, is it true?
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