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Found 6 results

  1. Firmware update successful. Purchased Key. Try to License get: Wrong ID Readed from the printer. See photos. Tried firmware flush based on your recommended link here but still a no go.
  2. I have an Epson WF-3720 printer. The Firmware file contained in the zip file was FWF469TL.efu The Firmware file listed with the Epson Firmware Updater was 30.68.CL2112, when it was finished it read ROM Version 30.74.CL27J9 I purchased the activation code for $35. When I went to activate it online, I received a pop-up with "Wrong ID Readed from the printer!" What is going on?
  3. Hi there. Having the exact same issue as: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80626-error-when-trying-to-activate-wrong-id-readed-from-the-printer/ I notice you provided new firmware, different than the one on your site. Do you have a new firmware zip for WF4720? Thank you. Just bought my key and emailed you guys also.
  4. The problem I have is that after a firmware update, my printer no longer recognized the offbrand cartridge . I installed the firmware and that seemed to work fine. If I buy this activation key, will that solve the issue? As in, will I be able to use the cartridges again? Or will I have to buy refillable cartridges? I have searched and don't see any for the wf-4730 . Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. I am receiving this error when trying to activate on a WF-3720. The firmware was updated successfully but this error appears, have tried on two different computers and have the same problem. I did buy an activation code, order 17956338.
  6. Today i bought chipless solution for Epson WF 3720 but does not work upgrade firmware send an error - ROM IS NOT WRITABLE What can i do?
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