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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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How to Read Waste Ink Counters

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Download latest version of WIC Reset Utility and Install it.

Connect the printer by USB cable to PC.
Power on the printer.
Cancel all printer jobs.
Run the WIC Reset Utility.

Click on the button - Read Waste Counters and see their values:

read1.jpg read2.jpg


If even one counter is overflow - more then 100% - the printer will not work and you have to reset this counter.
If all counters are low then 100% - printer can work ok.

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I ran the reset utility on my Epson R3000 for the first time in order to collect some data. The results show three counters (12.99%, 13.00%, 3.12%). What are the three counters counting?


Also, what is the meaning of "Total print pass counter" and "Total print page counter"? I'm guessing the page counter is the number of prints made. What size print is being counted? Does it count ink wasted by turning on the printer and by cleaning the print head, doing nozzle checks, etc.?


Thanks very much,


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