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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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Key I purchased doesn't work

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Hello, I purchased a Chipless Solution key for the Epson P800 and when I received it, it instantly gave me the 'USB' error and wouldn't let me use the code. I did a number of things with it and just assumed the specific printer I was trying to install the FirmWare on wouldn't take so I turned the customer away and planned on using the code on the next one I got in. Well, yesterday I attempted to use that code on a new P800 and it gave me the same error message. I decided to try purchasing a new key just to see if it would work and low and behold it did. I'm assuming the key that was sent to me was either already expired or just wasn't a valid key that was generated for me. Is there anything I can do or can you activate the key somehow? Order# 169976

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