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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I have a customer who has purchased over 5 of these printers with the Chipless Solutions already installed by me. He reached out to me today and told me that after he has reset the waste counter on every one of these using the Wic reset, it starts having a consistent print issue at the bottom of every single page he prints with four out of the five he's purchased. He only has one that hasn't needed to be reset yet and it isn't having the issue but he has assured me as soon as he resets it, it will also do the glitch at the bottom of the page. Do you know what this could be caused by and how to fix? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I know you said you're expected to finish this year but is there a rough time frame for when this could be available? Also, are you expecting to support the new Epson 4820s and 4830s?
  3. Hello there! Just as the title states, I'd like to know if there are any plans to develop firmware for this particular model. If so, I would buy quite a bit of keys for this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Are there any plans on making Chipless Solutions for the Epson SureColor P7000? I've just seen that they've discontinued the P400 and the P600 and P800 are soon to follow so I'm hoping you will support the P7000 so that I can use these instead. If you do support them, I'll be sure to buy quite a few keys for these as well.
  5. I've updated the firmware for the 7210 as well as purchased a key for the firmware but my license.exe keeps telling me that the 7210 is an unsupported printer model even with the 7210 firmware version being SA12J4. Am I missing something?
  6. Hello! I recall seeing a request for new chipless solutions for printers but I can't recall where or how to send a request so I'm going to here in hopes that it's possible to obtain as I would purchase quite a few of these of each printer if possible. Epson WorkForce 7210 Epson T3170 Please let me know if these can be models you support in the future or if it's something you could make and I could test for you and I'd be happy to be the 'test rat' for it. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the information everyone. wic.support, I had already uninstalled all printers on my computer and as you had previously suspected it was a lot. It still didn't work even after uninstalling all printers but I did find the fix. I went into my device manager and uninstalled the USBs (all of them for good measure) from my Universal Serial Bus controllers category and restarted my computer and voila it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your assistance everyone. EcoDuck, I've never used windows 8 but on Windows 10 right-clicking the start button opens up a menu where you can go into Device Manager and find the USB categories and uninstall all of them in the list and restart your computer. If Windows 8 doesn't have the option for Device Manager like the windows 10 does, additionally you can launch the Run and type in devmgmt.msc which will also launch your device manager. Once in there, your USBs should be at the very bottom and when you can uninstall them all and restart your computer. If you're not familiar with how that works, when you uninstall everything and restart the computer, upon restarting your computer automatically scans for hardware changes and will reinstall everything you've uninstalled. Thanks again, everyone!
  8. I'm having the same issue with the license.exe. A month ago I was using it just fine and have licensed almost 100 different printers now but it no longer works. I can load the firmware for the 3720, P400, P600, and P800 but the License.exe just doesn't see any printers. I've had to carry the printers to other computers to get it to install the license. WIC reset does recognize the printers as well as the firmware installers, I've used different USB ports and cords and I've tried launching with administrator rights. I only have the Windows Defender protecting my computer and I've tried disabling everything (antivirus, ransomware protection, firewalls, you name it) and still, the licensing program just doesn't see my printers. We have many computers here but this one is in the shop and would be the most important one to get working correctly so any advice or any ideas are appreciated. I'm quite tech savvy and work with printers and computers every day so even if it technical I can do it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I purchased a Chipless Solution key for the Epson P800 and when I received it, it instantly gave me the 'USB' error and wouldn't let me use the code. I did a number of things with it and just assumed the specific printer I was trying to install the FirmWare on wouldn't take so I turned the customer away and planned on using the code on the next one I got in. Well, yesterday I attempted to use that code on a new P800 and it gave me the same error message. I decided to try purchasing a new key just to see if it would work and low and behold it did. I'm assuming the key that was sent to me was either already expired or just wasn't a valid key that was generated for me. Is there anything I can do or can you activate the key somehow? Order# 169976
  10. Checking in on those keys without expirations again. Any updates?
  11. Epson WorkForce 3720, 50 of those 10- P400 10- P600 10-P800
  12. I would like to buy bulk activation keys by a lot for my company's use but the expirations is an issue. Is there any way to get longer lasting keys or get some that never expire if I pay more?
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