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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

How to find my key if I have payed through PayPro?

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If You select payment through PayPro - You will get ordered Keys by email You have provided placing the order.

If You didn't get Keys for some reason - check spam folders in your email account.
Be sure you have provided us your email address WITHOUT mistakes!!

Also You can find all Your Orders in Your PayPro Orders History.

Please go to your Control Panel  - https://cc.payproglobal.com/Customer/Orders


Reset Your password. 
Then Enter your right email, provided when placing the order and new password.

You will get to Your PayPro account now.

Go to PRODUCTS DETAILS menu and You will see ALL Your orders:


To see Your Keys - click on Download License button - You will download .txt file with Your Keys.

If You have put Your email address with mistake when placed the order - you will not be able to get your order to your right email address and you will be not able to log in to your PayPro account using your right email address as well.

In this case - contact us by Live Chat or email and give us following info:
Date of purchase
Amount in USD
Your Full Name

We will try to find Your Order manualy and send you your ordered Keys.


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Hi would you resend my order to 


as I have just found the error in the typing in the previous email which reads  

grumpyoldmanhere@talktalk.netgr which is incorrect

yes my fault as i am parshaly sighted and added it incorrectly

I did another order with a friends help and that works fine thank you

I hope to save this extra code for the next time the Epson XP- 800 stops

Regards Martin  Walker

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