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This topic will explain how to upload firmware to the printer by pulling out power cable during critical operation and corrupting data on the motherboard. This method has been used dozens of times but, while nobody reported any irreparable damages, results are not conclusive.


1. Only use this method when everything else is failed.

2. Make sure that there are no problems with USB cable or USB port. Even if the cable is fine for printing there are still can be issues when uploading firmware data, so if you get any errors consider to replace the cable and switch USB port first.

3. Start uploading firmware normally. It is preferable to use service mode (instruction for entering service mode can be found in respective chipless manual) and official offline firmware that you can download from Epson website for this, but if this not possible you can start updating process in normal mode and use Epson Update Center.

4. Remove power cable when firmware is being rewritten. Firmware update executes in four steps: uploading data, verifying data, erasing chip and writing new data to the chip, you need to remove cable during the last two steps somewhere in the middle of the whole proccess. Usually apropriate message is shown during each step if printer has LCD or LED indication is changed otherwise, but it varies from model to model and some models does not indicate changes in any way until the very end.

5. Start the printer normally using power button, in should start in the recovery mode and will be recognized as new MFP-IPL device on the system. If the printer has an LCD it will also show `Recovery Mode` message on the screen.

6. Upload chipless firmware according to the standard instructions in this mode.

7. Printer should accept chipless firmware now, but in the case when even this process will fail you may use official firmware to restore device functionality.

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