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Unsuccessful downgrade Epson XP-430

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My Epson xp-430 did an automatic firmware upgrade last week to version MO24k1 and no longer recognized my non-Epson cartridges.

I purchased a firmware downgrade key here and followed the steps:

  1.         Disabled automatic firmware updates
  2.         Disable status monitor utility
  3.         Attached printer with USB cable to PC
  4.         Put printer in service mode
  5.        Uploaded older firmware using the purchased key

The printer’s window showed the file downloading then installing and finally finished but the firmware did not downgrade and remained version MO24k1 and still will not accept the non-epson cartridges.

I sent a request for support which has not been responded to.

What steps should I take now since the paid key can only be used once and it obviously did not work?.

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How can I help you if you dont give me any information - no error text message, no any screenshots etc... only - doesn't downgrade.
How can I help you??
I gave you link to Step by Step Guide - have you followed it???
At what step you have problem??
Have you up[loaded firmware to your printer??
What is your CURRENT firmware version in your printer now???
Have you used License.exe application??
Have you input Activation Key successfully??
I dont know this onformation
Please provide us step by step screenshots - then I will be able to help you.

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Additionaly, XP-430 must be updated in the normal working mode and it must be in the ready to print state during update process (i.e. no errors, no tasks and most importantly, ink cartridges must be recognized).

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I followed all of the directions and specifically gave you the steps I followed and the firmware version (before and after) remained the same. (I am the original poster of in this thread)

There were no error messages. It said it was successful but the firmware version did NOT change.

Can't give you screen shots because I did not expect failure so I did not record my  original steps. The software key is one time use so the only error I get now is that I cannot reuse the key.

I was doing the firmware downgrade and followed the attached video for service mode. Everything went exactly like the video BUT the firmware did not downgrade it remained the same version I started with (ver.MO24k1)

If you want to send me another key, I will take step-by-step screen shots for you to demonstrate that it did not work.

My order number is 188941


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