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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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WF-5710 - Activation code writing is failed - 3 - how to solve?

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Activation code writing is failed - 3  message means your firmware was not loaded properly.


Step 1
Download and extract Zip archive with WF-C5790 Firmware  - CV14I9 version

Step 2
Delete all USB printers installed on your PC except that You want to make chipless. Reboot PC, restart printer.

Step 3
Connect printer to PC (with Windows OS) by proper USB cable.
Disable all Epson processes and services. You can do this manually using task manager and administration tools or You can do this via WIC Reset Utility (install and run it, then select MENU Support -> Disable processes in the main menu).

Step 4
Upload Firmware to printer in the NORMAL MODE (do NOT use service mode yet just start the printer with the power button). Run EPFWUPD.EXE file and follow all steps until Firmware will upload in printer. 

Step 5
When Firmware Update process is complete - printer will restart - usually it will take only a few minutes but can continue for 10-20 minutes in some rare cases. 
If process hangs - replug power cable and start printer manually.

Step 6
Now check current firmware version ( how to check ).
If firmware version is CV14I9 - firmware has been uploaded successfully. You can go to next Step.
If NO - restart the printer and try once more time.

Step 7
Extract all files from License.zip archive to local folder on Your PC. Run License.exe utility and click on Activate Online button and input Your Activation Key.


This solution will work for other models as well. Just use corresponded firmware version for your printer.


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HI, This topic title is about C5710, but info is about C5790, will this work?

I have a C5710 and already repeated the normal proccess about four times with the resulting  Writing is failed message.

Is this topic correct? (C5710 but using C5790 firmware)

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