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  1. Is there another thing to do?, the actual chip of the cartridges are getting low and I will need to buy ink, it is expensive. I have chipless cartridges ready to be installed.
  2. Hi, I tried again from the start, Transfer firmware by normal mode, open WIC Utility, Stopped all epson running apps, check firmware version, it is CU26I9, open licence.exe, pressed Activate Online, paste Key copied from mail, "Activation code writing is failed - 3" message received again.
  3. Hi, I did buy a C5710 recently. I already have five of the same printer and no problem converting it to chipless. But with this one I am having problems. I follow the instructions of https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1940 about uploading firmware I verify because of "If firmware version is CU26I9 - firmware has been uploaded successfully" part with the WIC Utility and everything is good, version number is CU26I9. Now the Activation Key I already did buy and downloaded the Licence.exe app, I press Activate Online, paste the emailed code and the App shows Error writing... I have reinstalled the firmware about three times, verified the instructions everytime. Verified the FW version.
  4. HI, This topic title is about C5710, but info is about C5790, will this work? I have a C5710 and already repeated the normal proccess about four times with the resulting Writing is failed message. Is this topic correct? (C5710 but using C5790 firmware)
  5. Ok, I decided to buy the key. Received the email fast with the key, used the noinksupdater, selected the printer and introduce the key, pressed update printer and it said Operation Succeeded. but printer continues showing ink levels at half like it was. Turn off and turn on the printer again and now it shows full ink.
  6. Hi, I uploaded the firmware into my new EPSON C5710, everything looks work... firmware uploaded. But printer dont turn OFF like in the instructions. "So, If Your printer CAN ACCEPT downloaded Firmware and switches OFF after pressing STOP button - that means Your printer can be updated to Chipless Firmware!" Printer fails the steps instructed by the "How to make Epson WF-C5710, PX-M884F Chipless!" instructions. Dont turns off after pressing STOP buttons or anything in it, except disconnecting from the power source. Then, is my printer no capable of the new chipless firmware? or can I continue by buying the key? Thanks.
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