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no me carga el firware wf2630 versión LF26I1

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Delete all other printers from your PC
Reboot PC
Connect printer byu USB cable

Download and extract files from archive - https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/WF2630_FWE728TL_LF26I1_LF99Z9.zip

Upload firmware to printer in NORMAL MODE
I mean dont put printer in Firmware mode

Waite until printer restarts
Then shut down updater and run License.exe application and use your key

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no me carga el firmware WF2630_FWE728TL_LF26I1_LF99Z9 en wf2630 se ve la misma version con la que llego 

ya utilice la clave pero sigue apareciendo cartuchos bajos

I do not load the firmware WF2630_FWE728TL LF26I1_LF 99Z9 in wf 2630 it looks the same version with which I arrived


I already used the password but still low cartridges appear



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