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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

P400 - Need to rollback to original FA20I4

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Hi there. I can’t figure out how to revert back to the ORIGINAL Epson version FA20I4 firmware. I ran the Epson software updater but it doesn’t trigger an update. Do I need to use WIC to rollback to an older version first ? And do I really need to purchase another key to do this ?

i installed the chipless update using your EPFWUPD utility and License.exe - not WIC. 

I really need to do this soon because I have to ship back the printer to Epson for an exchange !



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Good day.
You can use free recovery mode firmware in WIC.

1. First enable firmware for fixing recovery mode in the settings (main menu > file > settings).
2. Start the printer in the service mode according to the instructions (press `change firmware version` button to see instructions).
3. In the new combo box under `Fix Recovery Mode` section (the last one) select your printer's model.

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