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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Epson 446 chipless installed, cartridges not recognized

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Hello I was able to install chipless firmware and use an  activate key with no problem in my Epson 446. Printer work well
. However when the time came to refill my original Epson 288  cartridges. The Epson printer did not recognized the cartridges. I thought that this custom firmware disables cartridge authenticity check?

My situation basically is:
I installed chipless firmware with success.
 I ran out of ink, for all 4 colors on my original 288 Cartridges.  I refilled them by drilling whole injecting ink  in cartridges. I can link the refill instructions to you if you want. 

I then place refilled cartridges in printer using the replace ink mode. Printer performs check, but does not recognize ink cartridges.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hello thanks for responding,

Model : epson xp 446

Firmware :SO0713

Note that when I choose ink level mode, all ink level is full.

Ive attached pics of my printer info using WIC utility's.


Is there specific steps on how to insert newly refilled ink. Note that how I refilled the original Epson 288 ink cartridges is by following this video:






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What is shown in the printer when no ink cartridge is installed is:

if you're asking when you first turned it on then it shows " the home screen" . If you are asking regarding replacing  ink cartridges mode then it shows the " ink cartridge not recognized". I hope that helps.

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Printer with chipless firmware should work even without IC, either firmware has not been succesfully uploaded/activated or official firmware was automatically installed afterwards. Please, make sure that printer has correct version of the firmware and restore chipless mode with recovery key if necessary.

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