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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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Canon MX475 service mode

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Instructions is available in the WIC when printer is connected in the normal mode. There are only one way to do this:

Power cord must be connected and printer is powered off.
Press and hold "resume/cancel" button (triangle in the circle).
Press ON button while holding "resume/cancel" button (now you are holding both).
While holding the ON button press "resume/cancel" button 5 times.
Each time when you are pressing "resume/cancel" the error and power LEDs will light alternately.
Release ON button.
"Resume/cancel" button must be pressed EXACTLY 5 times.
Printer may be started in different mode that is indistinguishable from the service mode when another combination is used, but service functions will not work!
If at the end error LED is still ON (not blinking) and POWER LED is off then service mode was blocked.
The only known solution in this case is to replace eeprom chip.


If this does not work then most likely service mode has been blocked for the device.

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