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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Adding support for the new models.

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While WICReset supports several Canon models, adding support for the new printers is a slow process due to technical issues and differences in design between Canon and Epson. Now we want to try a different approach with the help of our clients, in exchange for providing their printers for testing and development via remote access we will in turn give a single free reset to the first person who will help us with a particular model. Warning! Before you decide to participate, keep in mind that this procedure is not entirely safe and has a low chance to brick the printer, unfortunately, this is a risk that cannot be mitigated, and we will not take any responsibility in such a case. If you still want to try, please, post a screenshot in this thread that shows your device connected in the normal mode (i.e. one that you are using to print) and its model name clearly visible in the WICReset interface, if we decide that we can add support for this device, we will send you a private message with further instructions and contact information.

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