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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
Jeff Garcia

Paid, doesn´t works and no support from 2 Manuals

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Hi, everyone.

I want to tell you to be carefull when you purchase keys from https://chiplesssolutions.com/

If you have some issue with one key, they don´t support you.

I have a problem with one of my keys, acquired in May/2022. That key doesn´t works, but they don´t care. 

I tried to contact him since the last month, but they simply ignore my messages.

Be carefull.

I will place that same message all over the internet. You will learn.


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In 2022 You have purchased more then 200 keys from our site - you had NO problem!

The key that you have problem - it has been used by Your customer successfully and we have placed detail reply in other thread - please read it and manage your keys more carefully  in future!

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First of all....YES... I HAD SEVERAL PROBLEM LIKE THAT.... You can verify all my tickets... In one of them,  I had problem with 5 keys at the same time..... That´s the fourth or fifth time I have a problem like that... 

Second...... NO.... It WAS NOT used for my costumer, and It WAS NOT used here... that key WAS ALREADY used when you sent it to me.

ALL unlocks here are made by me, ONLINE by remote access. and I have ALL conversations with my costumers saved in my WhatsApp, where I send the key to the costumer in the end of the prcedure...... AND I DON´T HAVE ANY CONVERSATION here with that Key...

Third: As soon as i realized the problem with that key, I stopped imediately to use and openned this ticket with you. It´s IMPOSSIBLE It had been used by me.

Fourth: I´m HONEST...... I would NEVER open a ticket if I was not absolutely right that the key wasn´t used here.

And Fifth: YOU should be more carefully in future before to send ALREADY USED keys for your costumers.

I don´t need buy keys with you anymore ok? Don´t Worry.... As you said... I have purchased more the 200 keys, but I have other places to buy it..... But I´ll not stay in harm's way, ok? If I dont recover my key friendly I will recover it buying and cancelling one key in my credit card, ok?

Thats your last position?

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Regarding Your Activation Key that ends on 28RMV:

Order #24726464
Order date - April 12, 2022

Key has been used on : April 20, 2022

IP address:
Port: 49802
Country: Brasil

Printer type: XP240
Printer Serial Number: X2CW071815
Mac address: 9C:AE:D3:5C:34:0E

So please check this key in your management 
Check printer serial number

Manage Your keys more carefully

We have logs of each used key. If You have any questions regarding other keys - we can give you this information. 

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Oh... You say that I never had problems with your keys, right??

Uh.... I've JUST purchased a new order with 10 new keys and............ NO ONE WORKS. 

Is it my guilt too? Follow the error message in attachment.

Key ended by: 39XWV is the key of the attachment, but NO ONE WORKS.

Printer model: XP241

Order Invoice (#25208446)



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Hey, John, please, I need a return.
Did you block me, body?? I saw my credit card invoice, and two of three invoices are cancelled. 
(I have another invoice in name of Aline Pointes, my wife, that wasn´t cancelled, but the keys doesn´t works too... so I have 20 keys now that doesn´t works)
Thats how do you solve your questions? Blocking a costumer who purchased not 200, but 436 keys in the last year?
I´m sorry, ok? I was injuried because I´m absolutelly sure that this key had some problem. I swear... I didn´t use it.
But I prefer apologise with you and assume this cost to finish that question, ok? Don´t block me, body. I have a family and a 5 year boy... thats not the correct way to handle it. You are professional.
Hope you consider my questions.

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