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  1. Thank you for adding device update the firmware to the XP-215 The printer has a serial bios now, it works CISS etc Regards
  2. XP-215 After doing an update of Version OF30DA after update on OF25DB CISS system stopped working :/ I have not heard about innncyh models, but probably also came firmware As to the future contributions of producers certainly will make sure to work! I'll be waiting to add the XP-215 OF30DA = Perhaps this fw you have to go Thanks Sorry for my bad english :/ ...
  3. Welcome to my also have 212 213 etc. However, you need to upload to your relevant senior. I'm waiting for an older fw to xp-215 in wicreset Question to the Administrator, when you go out older firmware to the XP-215? to department CISS etc.??
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