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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. You are kidding, right?... How about some info and service for consumer grade printers, say, the Epson Artisan series. Very popular machines.
  2. Hi John- Thanks for your email response today regarding my 2manuals query. I am having a non OEM ink cartridge compatibility issue, after running the waste ink counter reset. Yes, I need to do a firmware swap. Here is the problem I have- I THINK my original firmware that was pre-installed on my Artisan 810 was version LW28AC. The WIC Reset Utility informed me version LWO79C is in the printer at present. Not sure how this happened. I want to make sure which direction I go with this so as I don't waste a key. Do you know of a way to find out the order that Epson chronologically released these upgrades and what version name they are?... I just want to do this right. Thank you. Regards- tim
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