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  1. Hello. I got epson PX830 printer. I need to downgrade firmware as it stopped recognizing CISS cartridges. Problem is I don't know how to enter into "firmware mode" on printer. I just got one button on it which is "On". It got touch screen but as it doesn't recognize cartridges it doeasn't start through "Replace ink crtridges" monit so i haven't acces to touch screen menu. How can I enter this firmware mode just with "On" button or anyhow? EDIT. I found it out...but it didn't helped much. I flashed available firmware for PX830 and still got "ink cartridges cannot be recognized" message. Damn...I think something bad happened with ink controller or something. I think this printer will go into trash. I already spent around half of it's current vcalue to fix the problem and nothing. Waste of money...waste of time...F* EPSON !
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