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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. The printer remained working properly until the maintenance box was finished. I bought a new maintenance box but now it is not recognized and I do not know how to solve the problem, my purchase order is (# 20464846) and my license is 3E1A33FF97C1EXXX. I would like to know how to use my new maintenance box.
  2. I made the payment of a license but I did not get

  3. The keys were used successfully. Just change the printer cards and they worked.
  4. I ended up changing the 2 cards, I never managed to activate them. The new ones activated instantly. If you need any reference about the cards you remove and could not be activated to improve the service. I am glad to support.
  5. Is there a way in TelNet to verify if a key was activated and when. I sell approx 20-30 key per week and my clients ask for an answer in the key -10092
  6. NOT WORK I have 2 keys, not found -10091 bat conection firewall disbled and antivirus disabled
  7. tengo 2 impresoras WF-7720 no se pueden activar las dos marcan error de comunicacion - 10091 deshabilite el firewall de windows deshabilite el antivirus deshabilite el windwos defender deshabilite todas las impresoras conectadas por usb Y NO FUNCIONA LA ACTIVACION
  8. WF-2850 Chipless Key?

  9. Buy a key for WF-2860. I already updated the firmware on the printer and I still haven't been able to activate it with the program maintenance box WF-2860 and WF-7720 maintenance box not found "Chip-less Solution"
  10. WF-7710DWF, WF-7711DWF, WF7720DWF, WF7721DWF NOT FOUND just activate the cartridge chips https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WF7710_FWG535TL_FA27HC.zip 0a.40.FA27HC 583436323036363142 D7MH6-RBF7Y-DH84K-Q28VY-QJXQX Serial:X462066142 ID Code: OjK6V5xCls99giq04g5BdoetAGOAcLnJVks3YipykXpyu2Tqgrh7kjE0RUKt7lir6jXlB4gTMMrWjiu9YrrBZbojkpGblhR44/mjwxJeBvhsGFRJc0/cVG3po6E61b915uXrz65sRJVMzKTOxBTEzoGOnpmAKiNQbOvaFAsiTtI= Licencia en caso de actualizacion kNj8LkMN+7lwJrVYlqFY8bNI8ukBAAAANgAAAN9bsuODo3EImAv5HAtTWFB1NQQAAQAAAHgAAAD6AAAA0QAAACC6GBBAALhzkwAU9P8gAMufMZUPlAAR9/8SAHpxnXBFmDAaAAAAAADA8f4JGroHcAAAAAAAAAAAiH15AgEAAAA= the maintenance box is not active
  11. No one has been able to solve my problem, I hope you can help me, wmaster1ro post user wf-7720

  12. I buy a chipless activation wf-7720 but I do not deactivate the maintenance box will have some updates to solve the problem, I would appreciate it.рџ™Џ
  13. Gracias este mexicano ya logro activar sin licencia la impresora. saludos
  14. I have a printer xp-434 Buy an original license but by mistake update and now it does not leave me recovery the printer. Someone who can help me, I have the license and the recovery serial.
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