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  1. I got a solution. After waiting for the online support more than 1 hour while it say time in line is about 5 minutes and the next day waiting for more than 4 hours (with a 5 minutes line), and didn't get a answer for my support message and nothing here on the forum, i had to fix it myself.
  2. I bought the chipless firmware. The black ink runs outs, i changed the cartridge with another one that have ink but the printer no not print black. It does all the job but no print at all. The paper gets out blank. I'm not sure if the printer is charging the ink. After i changed the cartrigde, the printer say there is no ink. So i have to turn it off and on again. Then, it says there is ink but do not print. Am i doing something wrong? What can i do?
  3. Epson L396 was not found on site and not listed as compatible. It's an Ecotank. Is it possible for me to generate the report and get a key? My L396 had just arrived. Have no ink on it yet. Is it safe to run the report on it? Also i have a XP-241. WICReset shows me 2 counter. One is waste. What is the other? They are at 1% and 18%. I had just put the firmware (with success) to buy the chipless solution.
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