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  1. its mentioned coming soon is taht mean it will be added soon, please let me know because i got a good deal for this printer, and Auto reset Chips are not stable.
  2. Hello Who knows if wf-7120 will be supported by chipless solutions because I need to import ciss for this printer and don't know if I purchase them with chips or no?!
  3. I got a few XP-342 printers stucked in recovery mode when i tried to make them chipless so when I do this recovery it remains chipless or become oem firmware?
  4. Hi I tried to update a bunch of xp-342 printers and i got this message after firmware sent by wicreset "room not writable" I got about 6 printers stucked of 9 I tied and wasted about 16 firmware key, I also got one xp-245 printer stuck but I can't figure it out once no screen on this one but I presume it's same problem,when i restarted the printers is say recovery mode!!! Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Hello I need to buy 100 activation keys for xp235A please make me a good price. and i have some of XP332A can i use XP330 firmware since their is no firmware for this model on you list?!
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