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  1. After modified chipless p607, why does the recognize ink cartridge appear too often. Because after open close cover ink, printer always cleaning, so waste a lot of ink.
  2. Me too, P607 cant accept rom, and John still get no respon until now.
  3. Iam use license.exe, but key is different with the key for wicreset. I give you my key, please read my message.
  4. Why very very slow respon? I need to use my printer.
  5. My order invoice (#16499900) Iam still not receive activation key, respond very slow, please seen as soon email suryaariefwidyanto@gmail.com
  6. I was order #161353 for Epson P607 with credit card I have the problem, iam succes to upload firmware AT12GC 12/12/2016 with disabled ink cartridge via wicreset with click button "Disabled Cartridge Now - service mode not required" Upload is success with notif, but after printer restart its still ask for chip, then i check, printer firmware is not change, its still AT13H6 Release date of the current firmware is 13/06/2017. Iam trying open cover and close again, its STILL ASK CHIP. When iam plan to trying download and upload again to printer, the key is expired. Can you help me? what must to do? Thanks for respon
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