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  1. John, Hello again. I have been using oem cartridges. Also, i have been trying the print head cleaning the printer performs itself, and then also tried a manual cleaning. Nothing is working, just getting very minute amounts of print showing, if hardly anything at all. Since it wont' print, I'll only be able to use the printer for scanning. However, I have another identical 4730, and was hoping i could transfer your firmware to that printer. Can that be done? Thanks.
  2. John, hello. back on May 25th when I said 'it all works' I meant that the firmware update was successful, and the printer display panel showed all of the cartridges as completely full. Well I just tried for the first time a couple of days ago to print and it did not work. I thought it might be the cartridges, so I put in a set of cartridges from my other 4730 (cartridges that worked fine in the other printer). The upgraded printer still did not print. I ran the nozzle check and the print head cleaning functions, still it does not print. Only the very slightest of ink shows on the paper. When I print the same file to the other printer, using the same cartridges, the other printer works fine. Any idea on this? Thanks
  3. Got it! all worked, thanks a ton John.
  4. so i took a chance and updated the 'usb'. that worked, the printer was updated. all went well, bought the key and am ready to do that. But i cannot find the file 'license.exe'. where is it supposed to be? update: I found your link for license,exe in a forum. but when i downloaded and ran it, the printer selection was empty. the version was from July 2018. i'm guessing there is a newer one that recognizes the WF 4730? thanks.
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