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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I was able to install Chipless Firmware in my C5290 but after 25k pages, the printer kinda went out already. Im planning to bring it to Epson Service Center for warranty claim but I need to reinstall original firmware. How to do it? And can i reinstall the chipless firmware after the repair?
  2. Hi. Recently purchased C5290, did custom firmware and used pigment inks. After 25k+ pag count (22k of which are blacks), the black seems to have gone out already (lots of missing lines/dots in my nozzle check). Did Cleaning and alignment but same issue, the missing lines/dots just keeps transferring. Is this normal? Anybody got higher than 25k?
  3. Hi, newbie here. before i go spend some time and money with the whole process, just want to ask, once i do this successfully i will now be able to use my EPSON C5290 with Refillable Chipless Cartridges FOREVER, is that correct?
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