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  1. It's not a big deal, I can live with that. Thx
  2. Mostly yes, after last update printer shows full ink level on all cartridges. But, first print after turning on theprinter is with errors on all of them. I need to open cartridge cover and closed it. After that printer "recognize" cartridges once again and I can print. I've read somewhere on this forum that other user had same issue, but I don't recall if this can be fixed or not.
  3. Hi, No, it's not AT12GC But update process went without any problems M.
  4. I must say I'm really disapointed. It did not worked for Epson p600. I bought Firmware key and updated printer as described. Printer reported update successful, but nothing has changed, INK levels are as they were before... I would love to get my money back...
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