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Epson Pro 4900 Powerful Initial Ink Charge

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If You have clogged Epson 4900 - You have to make powerful printhead cleaning by using Initial Ink Charge function.


Order and download Epson Pro 4900 cleaning utility:



Video Tutorial:



That is what I am currently using.

I bought this program already.

I am getting this error while using your program.

I have looked at other things I should be doing ( other print aspects of the Epson printer programs.)

and remove those.

I am still getting this error.

Many thanks


Mark Richards


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It has been fixed


the program thought

my "Smart Label Printer 100 "

was another epson 4900

turned off the the "Smart Label Printer 100"

and it worked!!


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Hello John,


i am new here. For a few days a bought "Adjustment Program for printhead unclogging and printer adjustments (Pro_4900)"

One color LC is complete gone. Now i want to try the initial cleaning but i dont know how much ink in the cartridges must be to do and where is all the ink flow to?

My english is not so good to understand the discription in the service manual. So please help me.




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Hello, I too just purchased an epson 4900 and are having issues with not printing.

I have done many cleaning cycles, used windex with cloth under head and even did a flush through head ports with isapropyl alcohol and still not printing.

I am about to purchase the adjustment program but was hoping toget some info on cartridges etc.

Do i need to get spare cartridges that have cleaning fluid in them for the eject ink cycle in the hope that it will clear ay blockages in the heads or lines? Or just use the ink thats already in the lines for the eject cycle and then do the charge cycle?


I am hoping to get an answer on this but looking at previous questions here this forum does not seem to be well admined.


If its advisable to use spare cartridges with cleaning fluid, where do i purchase these items from.



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