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Epson SC-P600 Chipless Solution

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I try to come into the Firmware Update mode, but after 3-5 sec. nothing occured.

After around 10 sec the Inspection Mode is reachable. (see picture).

What I made wrong. Or do you mean this mode?


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This is my case. I just receive my new epson p600 with ciss.  I downloaded the printer driver and i was accidentaly update the firmware version. When i power on the button, it says ink not recognized. So I bought firmware key. The firmware was succesfully installed to my printer. When i press the power on, the error message disappear. And i was happy. This is my problem now, when i started to do printing job, the error ink cartridge not recognized came back. This happens only when the printer started to perform the printing. Pls help me this fix. Thanks

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