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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Can I install the chipless printer in another pc

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I bought key for XP 446 it all works happy to have this guy's do all the hard work for us so firstly  thank you people

But 3 days ago my motherboard died had it 8 years so it was worth it so going to install a new motherboard but remember that I got my printer installed in same motherboard that died so brought up the question what happens if like the title mentions I install the printer that's already chipless in another pc using the original software disc I don't plan to update never and have not done it either when it comes to update the printer using the manufacturer website


When I first bought it in the store I made it chipless so again can I install the printer in another pc even thou I'm just going to change the motherboard I got the same hard drive

If not can I use the code I was giving in case I updated the printer and messes up the firmware


Thank you again for your answers


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just a second!!!

if i made a printer to chipless only works on the PC that i made the "transformation"???

so that seen your answer means,,,    and this are not that all we need..... 
if i do this  modification to a printer i wish can be used by my kids, my wife, etc...

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ok, excuse me but I think you have not caught the original question of the first person in this post.

In short, that person asks, that if I change the COMPUTER, (when it says motherboard it refers to the one of the computer, NOT of the printer). the printer will no longer work.

He believes that the change applied with the activation key, only works on the COMPUTER that was made, and not on the other computers in the house.


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