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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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I have the P600, I changed the firmware to chipless using the key and WIC tool from here.

I have installed 2 new ink cartridges compatible versions so far and they worked. 

I am installing the Vivid Magenta and i cant get it to recognise it. 

The two screenshots of the WIC report show the difference when i have genuine cartridge and compatible ones installed.

I have turned the printer off and on again still same error.

Can anybody help to force this to clear and force it to reset the VM




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Hi, when i did the firmware update it all seemed to run straight forward and give the success message and no errors.

But the firmware shown is not AT12GC, but i defo thought i followed the instructions.


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So I need to re-run the firmware update again?

What happened when i run the process did i select the wrong firmware at somepoint i don't remember doing that.

Or is the firmware choice determined by the given key?

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its very strange. 

I check the key status and it says this:

Key:     37A3EEZ442727866 (firmware update/downgrade only).
Created: 2019-01-24 10:29:23 (UTC+2).
Status:  You cannot use this key anymore because it has been already used on 2019-08-31 21:07:15 (UTC+2). You need a new key. 

This key has been used for printer firmware upgrade/downgrade to 'SCP600.NOINKS' version.
Your current IP address - (GB).


So the firmware given was SCP600.NOINKS. but the firmware has not updated on my report tool in WIC. 

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