How to recover chipless firmware after printer updated from Epson

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If Your printer has updated and now doesnt recognize third party ink cartridges - You can recover Your chipless firmware following steps below:

Step 1
Download latest chipless firmware version form our site:

Step 2
Run EPFWUPD.exe updater.

Step 3
Start updating process and follow it. 




Step 4
When process comes to about 70-80 % (it will take -3-4 min) - printer will reboot and message will appear on printers LCD:


Step 5
Wait about 5 minutes or about that while updating is in process - then You will see Update Failed message - that's OK - Close updater.





Step 6
Run License.exe application and activate chipless firmware by your Activation Key (Activation key that you have already used first time).



This process is common for other printer models that were updated and need to recover chipless firmware.
Latest firmware version is always at our site!

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So if the update says that it failed, continue to run the Licence.exe and enter the Activation Key?

And it will work?

Will it work if I start out with a bricked screen, like the attached?


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Good day. Your printer must be either in normal mode or recovery mode, your screenshot shows update summary and in this particular state it will not accept another firmware no matter what. Shutdown the printer, then start it normally via power button and try again.

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we have 10 serials and have checked 4 of them they all say the same thing 

whats does it mean please

firmware is correct and checked by WIC


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