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  1. I bought a key, received the email, but there wasn't a key included.


  2. They have a Windows 7 PC, it automatically updated the firmware when they started the PC, I wasn't there then, we'll need to remove the Epson file from their PC first. Thanks!
  3. After moving the printer, will I need to update the firmware at the new location?
  4. The 3rd time was a charm, it works now. When I move the printer to a new location, will there an issue again? Will I need to run your firmware update at their location?
  5. I upgraded the Firmware on a WF-5710 successfully. I gave the printer to a non-profit and when trying to install the printer at their location, It wouldn't recognize the ink cartridges. I tried to update the firmware at their location, the printer is on a network and wasn't recognized. When I brought the printer home to attempt another Chipless Conversion and I now receive the message to "Please Update Our Firmware", I figured there may be a newer version, I downloaded the firmware for the WF-C5710 again and attempted to upgrade and still receive the "please update our firmware" message. Any ideas?
  6. I get a "Internet Connection is lost, try again later", I keep trying without success. What next?
  7. I have the same issue, "no internet connection, try again later" I keep trying without success? Are you having issues on your end?
  8. Having problems installing Chipless on Epson WF-C5710, tried installing in Firmware Update mode, that failed, tried again in Normal mode, failed again. Tried both methods again and failed. Any ideas?

  9. I used the download file from for WF-C5710, PX-M884F (not sure if the PX-M884F applied to my model) there wasn't a Manual. I tried to update in normal mode and after pressing 4 + 7 + Job/Status + Power, attached are 3 photos. I got the Firmware download that was successful, but when I ran NoInks and entered the Key, it said "Failed". I bought the Key before I had successfully updated the Firmware.
  10. Hi John, I downloaded the Firmware file, it was different from the file used previously. Then I ran the NoInks Updater and it said "Failed". Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the Updater File. It ran as described, however I couldn't find the License.exe to enter the Key.
  12. I tried to update again, the progress reaches 100%, the Information Windows says to wait until the printer to turn off automatically, the printer starts blinking the power button for 5-10 seconds, then everything starts blinking, error & data buttons also blink. The display on the printer says "FINISHED", with 3 ROM files listed below.
  13. OK, I use a Mac mostly, I'll start my PC laptop and give it another try and will send a Report if it fails again.