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  1. when I got to the window and clicked "Activate Online" I received a "Reading failed - 1" message.
  2. So if the update says that it failed, continue to run the Licence.exe and enter the Activation Key? And it will work? Will it work if I start out with a bricked screen, like the attached?
  3. I tried the updated file from Dec. 17, it didn't work, ended up with the same screen as the photo posted above. Any ideas on how to produce chipless after Epson's firmware update on Oct. 11, 2019?
  4. I tried the download on my WF-C5210, the process didn't work, is there any other updates for my model? My printer now looks like the attached. Is there any new solutions?
  5. Hi John, I tried the updated C5210 file above, I didn't mean to use the file, is there any way to go back to a previous version on this printer?
  6. I've have a WF-C5210 that I successfully installed chipless firmware, that printer had firmware before Epson's update on 10-11-2019. I recently bought another from Dell, it has a later serial number and apparently has the updated firmware because when I tried to update the firmware, it failed. I tried Eric's update and it also failed to update the C5210 printer from Dell. Anyone has any ideas?
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