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XP-245 failed to recover chipless firmware

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My XP-245 printer was previously flased chipless firmware, however, after receive 20.25.EF20J9 from EPSON, the chipless firmware nolonger work.

Following the instruction, I tried to flash back to EF23I2 from chipless's official site by recover mode. But after LED flash and printer reboot, the printer's configure website is still displaying 20.25.EF20J9. And activation.exe failed to read from the printer.

Please give me some hints on what should I do next, thanks.

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Download this firmware - http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/XP240_FWF732TL_ZZ99Z9_2019.zip

Upload firmware to  printer in normal mode  - dont put printer in Program Update mode.
The uploading process will stuck at 70-80% -  it is ok!
Open task manager and stop updater process.
Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes - then will power OFF.

Now power on the printer - chipless firmware is installed now in your printer!

Use License and Activation Key

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