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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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WF-7720 Firmware Downgrade Not Working

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i cannot downgrade my WF-7720 [FA27K7] to version [FA27HC] in NORMAL MODE:
i did my best on the manual but the printer does not restart [i wait 2 hours, hangs up]
i unplugged the cable and after 5 minutes plugged in: => starting Recovery Mode
i have reinstalled the firmware FA27K7 with "wicreset recovery firmware" in recovery mode <= this works

i receive an error message: ROM IS NOT WRITABLE

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Hello :)
Hope you are all doing great these days.
I got the problem that i installed a CISS into my WF-7720 and flashed a chipless firmware on the printer which is just shit. Now i am stuck with that and i want to change it back to original but i cannot find an original firmware that i can download.

Do you guys have any tip?

Thanks in advance! :)

official website

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