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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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kim dongmin

WF-2861. Scanner error in products produced after April 2021.

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칩리스 400개 이상 사용하고 있는 업체입니다.
2021년 3월 까지 생산된 모델은 이상이 없었는데. 4월 이후 생산된 제품은 스캐너 에러가 뜨고 진행이 안됩니다.

제품 시리얼 사진과 에러 사진을 첨부하겠습니다.




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Good day. Z99Z9 is not a real version, it is an ID that is used to trick update software into running update even if the current version of the firmware on the printer is higher.

Please, download this firmware:


then read this guide and folow it step by step


at the end make sure that actual firmware version is LQ16L7, you need to check it either using WICReset (report button in the main interface) or via printer's menu.


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