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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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Jeff Garcia

Key Lost - No Support from 2 Manuals

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Hi, everyone...

Recently I have purchased 10 keys for Epson XP241, but I had a problem with one of that keys.

Error message is 10092, but I´m absolutely right that I didn´t use that key.

I´m trying to solve that problem with 2Manuals since Mai/03 but nobody answer me.


Key Ended by 28RMV

Purchase date: Apr/12


This is not the first time that I have problems with one of the keys adquired.


I need a help, or my money back.



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Regarding Your Activation Key that ends on 28RMV:

Activation date: 2022/4/20

IP address:
Port: 49802

Printer type: XP240

Printer Serial Number: X2CW071815

Mac address: 9C:AE:D3:5C:34:0E

So please check this key in your management 
It was used by Your customer or by yourself successfully

Please check on your side
Manage Your keys more carefully

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