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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
Jeff Garcia

New problem with a key

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Hi, folks


Yesterday I was doing a procedure by AnyDesk with one of our customers, and one of the keys simply didn´t work again.

The error message Is the same, 10092, like I had used.


Since our last conversation regarding the same kind of problem, I took some MORE precautions here to be 1000% right that only me have access to the key list.

My office is in a home office, ok? And I have a printing store, in the other side of the city block, where I have 2 technicians.

Since before our last conversation, I´m using a PC to save those keys, that´s not in the same network of the store, although I have a strict confidence in my 2 employees.

So, only me have the access the key list.


But, on last Thursday, around 17:25 (Brazilian time), I was doing an unlock procedure for a new customer using the next key of the list of my last purchase… and It simply didn´t works.

Key finished by Y6MRH

Immediately I tried to use the next one of the list, finished by G6FD7, and this one worked fine.


The key before the one which presented problem is the finished by -T996V.

It was used around 6:40 PM (Brazilian time) on Wednesday, 07/29. Since that procedure, nobody here not even opened the key list. Until the next day. 


Folks… please, believe, since the other conversation, it´s impossible someone here had used that key besides me. I supplicate to you to investigate what’s happening.

I lose the other key, and now, this one too.


That’s a wonderful product man, but we can´t works with that loses. We pay in REAL, our money is worthless. LOL


Please, let’s investigate together what’s happening.

Thanks in advance.


Jeff Garcia

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