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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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Jeff Garcia

Reading Error -1 - WF-C5810

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Hi, guys,


I´m having issues with Chipless for Epson WF C5810

The procedure of Firmware transfer seems to be working fine… it starts, takes a kind of 10 minutes to finish, but when I try to click in Activate Online on License.exe, it shown the following error message: Reading Error -1


What I´ve already tried:

 - Transfer firmware using original cartridges and without cartridges;

- Disable all printer processes;

- Disable Spooler Service on Services.smc;

- Delete all documents on print queue;

- Delete all other printers installed on the computer;

- Restart Printer;

- Uses another computer;

- Uses the WIC to finish another processes, but seems that the WIC is still not compatible with WF-C5810.


Follow in attachment a PDF with all steps until receive the error message.


Can you help, please?


Jeff Garcia


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I'm having the same issue with an WF-C5290, it finishes the procedure as always, hangs up at 80 aprox, takes about 25 minutes to finish with the error, as always does, but when I check the firmware version, did not changed. I tried several times on different environments, same results.

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Put the machine into maintenance mode and then update the firmware.
When the update is about to be completed, the machine will have many lights flashing.
The final screen prompt is complete and displays the current firmware version.
Press 0 and the printer will shut down!
After turning on the printer again, use the software and serial number to start the chipless process!!



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