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  1. I paid and loaded the chipless firmware on my WF-3640 a week ago. But, it's gone today. New original firmware has been loaded. My one employee just installed printer driver...and I think he just cliked "Yes" at every step including "update software option". Anyway, I had to install ciss chips again. Now the firmware version is CB18I4. It was OK because I didn't like the slow duplex printing(Long dry time) of Chipless firmware. But, I found out the Slow 2-sided printing Speed was NOT recovered. It's still Slow. So, I guess, the latest firmware of epson has long dry time as default unlike previous version. But, I am not sure. I purchased it on March in 2018. I don't know what firmware version it has. I know only one thing it had 0 second-dry time as default. Super fast duplex printing. Unfortunately, I think I wasted my money. Is it wright? I have to pay again to recover to chipless firmware, don't I? Can I get the key one more time to recover? or can I use the previous key at the same printer? My printer has just comeback to normal firmware with super slow duplex printing speed. I am waiting for some reply.
  2. I made my WF-3640 as Chipless just a few days ago. There was no Problem. But, unfortunately I've found one serious issue. It is "Dry Time". The 2-Sided Printing Speed got much slower because of the "Dry Time". WF-3640/3620 firmware has very good 2-side printing speed. But the current Chipless firmware ruins it. I have two more WF-3640, and I have plan to buy WF-3720, Wf-7710 soon. But I have to hesitate to load that chipless firmware. If the problem is not solved, Maybe I wouldn't pay for those Chipless firmware. Please, Check it and re-make new chipless firmware based on the latest original firmware. [ It shows above warning message two times. It takes long time.] https://youtu.be/wwiy4E7QDx0 The above Youtube film shows No warning message and No delay at duplex printing of original firmware.
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