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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

EPSON C5790 - Chipless - Does it hacks the maintenance box?

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I have a chipless WF-C5790. 

I have a question, regarding the chipless firmware solution. 

1) My printer has a problem, does no recognize the Maintenance Box

2) Does your firmware, bought from your official page, hacks the maintenance box (with this, I mean: does it makes the printer work and effectively print without the need to have a maintenance box installed?

Because my printer it's not recognizing the Maintenance Box, either I install a new one, or a used one but with resetted chip. 

If your chipless firmware (I see there's a new version) hacks the need to have a maintenance box installed, or to be recognized, this will fix my problem and I will buy it.

Please admin or wic support, if you would be so kind to help me, a friend that bought you chipless for WF-C5290, tested that if he removes the maintenance box, the printer still works. I need this for C5790

@wic.support @John_Admin

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Good day. Unfortunately, printer will not work without maintenance box, if printer do not recognize new one, you need to install official firmware, replace maintenance box, then reupload chipless firmware again and reactivate it using recovery code.

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FIrst, I install the official firmware, but If I do that, then I will not be able to downgrade the firmware back to the chipless one. How do I do it?

I already used the code provided by the supplier, when I bought the printer, then used it again to re-activate it after writing the firmware provided, (CV14I9).

If I download the new firmware, updated one, will the code work?

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