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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  2. Yes the printer is updated to chipless firmware through USB cable as seen in second photo (Verison: LQ16L7) In the first photo windows recognises the printer as USB001, wicreset also knows the printer
  3. 1. Did you already updated the printer with chipless firmware? Did you use usb connection for this or Wi-Fi? 2. Please, run wicreset and microsoft's usbview inside the same virtual machine and confirm that printer is recognized by them.
  4. Hi @John_Admin Any update on chipless release for this model? or similar one that has Inkbag cartridge? Thanks,
  5. Paid for WF-7840 adj program but not received the download link order no 241458 hardware ID: 1056-4772-56B8-B8C0-A360-710B-98C3-3163
  6. Last week
  7. @John_Admin are you really that dense ? I asked if there was a way where I could trade a wf-7820 for a older model so I can use the older method. That’s why I sent one link. But I guess im screwed for right now. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I would like adjustment software for the Canon G5050 so I can resent the waste ink thanks, Charlie
  9. friend I'm trying to activate my password, it throws me the following error 10094

    order # 241265


  10. Earlier
  11. for WF7820 there is NO chipless firmware developed Only hardware solution
  12. @John_Admin https://youtu.be/H1YqO1r7dDU
  13. @John_AdminI don’t know how to reprogram IC chips from printers main board (need sold out chips, reprogram, sold back again). Is there a program where I could trade my 7820 for a older model so I can use the easier method ?
  14. Delete all other USB printers from PC Try to Change USB port
  15. you have to upload firmware to printer in Normal mode give us screenshots please
  16. I'm trying to run licence.exe for a SC-P800, the printer is connected over USB and visible in the drop down but the program does not ask for the activation key. Firmware is already upgraded. This may be because 2 of the cartridges are empty and the printer won't transition into print mode. Is that the reason or are there other things I can try? I did switch to the firmware update mode on the printer, but was unable to complete the activation using licence.exe that way. I'd like to avoid having to purchase two OEM cartridges just to get past this step.
  17. Just need to read step by step guide - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1924
  18. Hi Everybody, I have W10 PC & Epson WF-2860. When I run the appropriate Epson WF-2860 from CS it tells me that it has failed but if I check using WicReset app it tells me that it has the correct updated firmware of LQ16L7. Manually checking my printer also confirms LQ16L7 firmware. Despite the firmware update software telling me it failed, that appears to be wrong. I think it updated correctly but I have no way to know for sure that the keys will work. I need some reassurance that what I'm thinking is correct or not before I buy the CS license. Any help from kind folk who could please advise me on this issue would be most appreciated. Thank you so much, Kalki
  19. It is very hard to develop chipless firmware for Epson printers after 2018 For WF-7820 / WF-7840 is one way available only - reprogram IC chips from printers main board (need sold out chips, reprogram, sold back again) - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=2013
  20. @John_Admin how is the process going for the chipless. It’s been years. How much longer can it take ?
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