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  3. someone please help me solve error 031008 on my epson wf3720, error occurs when using chipless firmware, and error goes away when using genuine epson firmware so far there has been no resolution. I already paid for the chipless firmware
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  5. Don't Worry, Be Happy! I got a message, "WF-2830 is not supported", thus, cannot to be converted. If someone knows that there is still a way, please let me know. Thank you,
  6. Hello, I just joined this forum. I just bought Epson WF-2830 and planning to convert it to the chipless. Instruction says, "Disable all Epson processes and services". My question is once I converted to chipless, what about fax and scan functions? Am I still able to utilize fax/scan/copy functions? Montereyman
  7. You have uploaded firmware in Firmware mode - that is not right You have to upload firmware in NORMAL mode! Download this firmware - http://www.chiplesssolutions.com/download/noinks_updater/WFC5790_NU_CV14I9_CV99Z9.zip And upload it to printer in NORMAL mode After printer restarts - check current firmware version If It is CV14I9 - you can use your key
  8. Hi, Does it work on the Epson WF-2851? From the supported page (https://chiplesssolutions.com/support.shtml) - WF-2851 is not listed but on the download page (https://chiplesssolutions.com/download.shtml) it does. Would it cause any issue if the firmware fail to flash successfully? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, the CT14I9 was successfully uploaded and activated on our Epson WF-C5290 printer. When you go to 'Maintenance -> Print Quality Adjustment' and confirm with 'OK -> Print' the printer begins to check and then gives the 'Maintenance Error (Ink Supply Unit is not installed correctly)'. All fields for inkcolors are grey. There is also a difference to the chipless firmware for the WF-5210: The WasteInkTank value is always full, on the WF-5210 it shows the correct value. Michael
  10. Yes you can use Activation Key on the same printer in future if update happens But we suggest you to disable automatic updates
  11. Thanks for the assistance. Everything seems to be working fine. I was also interested to know if a no expiration activation key is able to be used more than once on the same printer. If for some reason a switch back to chipped ink cartridges might be needed, it certainly would be worth considering. Thanks again.
  12. my printer L382 was show me red alert so I need to reset a WIC reset with key for free pls help me
  13. This behaviour (updater showing error) is expected due to the recent changes made by epson, as long as the printer has correct version after update you can activate it. OR18HC is correct version so you may continue with activation.
  14. Hello, I own several Epson printers I wish to make chipless and I'm in the process of using the chipless firmware solution for the SC-P800 printer model. I have followed the instructions from the chipless manual page ( https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1849 ) and I am not sure if I'm able to purchase the activation key at this point. The firmware updater gets to 99 percent complete then a status failed appears (shown attached). I've tried two more times with the same result. I read on another help page that this may occur for newer Epson printers and continued on to see if the firmware updated using the Wic Rest Utility. Checking the firmware version from the check printer data option, it reads OR18HC 18/12/2017. Is it possible to purchase an activation key to make the SC-P800 chipless at this point? I very much appreciate the help and more than likely will need to purchase more activation keys in the future. Many thanks.
  15. Good afternoon! I bought 6 keys in the last months, all went perfectly using NoInks. I recently bought 2 more keys and tried to use and it gave an error, finding out that the program has changed, so I downloaded License.exe and followed the procedure. When the printer starts booting, it tries to load ink and halfway through loading, the following message appears: INK LEVELS ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR INITIALIZATION, CONTACT EPSON SUPPORT. This is happening with the 2 WF C5710. What to do? Can someone help me please.
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  20. Install chipless firmware to your printer
  21. victory. I had no idea there was a second B type USB connection. Thanks for your help and patience.
  22. Is it there any compatible board with the xp-422 in which I can install chipless firmware?
  23. Hi from Argentina. I need to know if there is any possibility to abort the printer initialization. I had a problem, the initialization was interrupted, and when I start the printer again, it tells me that there is an empty cartridge. I will appreciate your help. Thanks!
  24. USB port on the front could not be used for update, it is intended for external memory devices only and has no other functionality. You must use type-b USB port at the back (under LAN port). Check user guide for details.
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